Fruit Pack

Made in Sweden
Includes 4 Sponge Cloths (7x8 Inches)

Each pack replaces 60 rolls of paper towels

Wash by hand, dishwasher, or laundry

Use for up to 12 months and then compost or biodegrade in the trash
5 stars

"I can't believe how easy they are clean. I keep reusing mine and it doesn't get gross like sponges do."

5 stars

"Why would I ever use a paper towel again?"

5 stars

"I use them for EVERYTHING. They clean up anything and are super easy to clean."

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
So fresh and so clean clean

I am not one to use paper towels unless something is extra messy because I'm an eco-freak, so I am super duper excited to have a sustainable paper towel option! These work so well and the prints are awesome. All about women supporting women. Get some.

Carolyn G
I love these!

I ordered a 4 pack to see if I would like them and they meet all my expectations! They are way more durable than single use paper towels. For small spills I just wipe and rinse. Messier spills they get tossed into the wash right away. When they are dry they are REALLY absorbent and are great for big spills! We did away with single use paper napkins over 2 years ago so this is perfect for our family's goal to reduce waste. Shipping was a bit longer than I expected but now I can plan for that on my next order! And lastly, the designs are super cute!


Fruit Pack

Sam Valentine

Been using since we opened the pack. We cook multiple times a day so this is a GAME CHANGER fro keeping our counter tops clean.

Julia Gregorich
Mind. Blown.

I got my first shipment of these towels through Imperfect Foods. Got them and thought they were odd feeling until I started using them. I spilled a full mug of coffee and these little cloths cleaned the mess up easier and quicker than microfiber claims and rinsed out quickly to finish cleaning the mess. Never mind paper towels, these guys cleaned up better than regular towels. Definitely will be purchasing again!