Fruit Pack

Made in Sweden
Includes 4 Sponge Cloths (7x8 Inches)

Each pack replaces 60 rolls of paper towels

Wash by hand, dishwasher, or laundry

Use for up to 12 months and then compost or biodegrade in the trash
5 stars

"I can't believe how easy they are clean. I keep reusing mine and it doesn't get gross like sponges do."

5 stars

"Why would I ever use a paper towel again?"

5 stars

"I use them for EVERYTHING. They clean up anything and are super easy to clean."

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Matt Stoneking
HOW did I not know about these?!

My 14-year-old son will FINALLY wipe off the counter now! When he found out he could throw them into the dishwasher and reuse them clean, he was sold. The first time I used them was to wipe down garage sale items that were sitting out. I could even use the jet on my hose to spray them off and go right back to cleaning.

Since I got these last month, I HAD to gift a set to my mom and another to my friend who is a single mother. They were so excited to use them, I got the sweetest "thank you" calls from both the next day listing off all the things they did with them :)

I was really struggling to keep paper towels out of my house and tried the standard replacements and it just wasn't working.

Now I have my go-to! Thanks Oona Goods!

Karen Leusner

Love everything about your products will never use anything else in the future .

Debra Nuese

Love them!! Thank you!!

Sponge cloths

These cloths are new favorite items. I’ve always favored sponges over “dish cloths” but they do get stinky and end up in landfills. Now with sponge cloths you get the same reusable quality as a sponge with the added benefit of being put into the laundry. I’m a convert!!

Trisha Guillermo
Fruit pack

Excellent product love using them daily!